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Moustache Tie Clip

 "Who said tie clips had to be boring? The moustache tie clip imbues your business wear with just a hint of whimsy in the form of a shiny silver moustache, which also serves as, well, a tie clip." - Uncrate

"For men wishing to avoid inadvertently dipping their ties into their dinner plates or wetting them in the sink when washing their hands, the tie clip is an essential accessory. To many of these same gentlemen wishing to keep their faces warm in the dead of winter or to simply have something to twirl as they contemplate abstract art, the moustache is an absolutely necessary addition to their top lips. But combining these two most masculine accoutrements? Inconceivable! Until now, that is." - Handlebar Magazine

For the moustache aficionado.  Our original tie clip is forged from solid brass and will get you noticed.

Our tie bars run 1.75 inches wide to perfectly complement slim ties.

Available in original silver, gunmetal, gold with "make it rain" engraved on the back, and limited edition matte gunmetal with "hey good-lookin" engraved on the back.

Type: Tie Bar

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